Are you too busy to take care of yourself?

If you answered “yes” to that question, this workshop is for you!  The Health Athlete workshop will help you to:

  • re-focus on what is most important to you
  • re-energize your personal and professional life
  • re-motivate you to achieve a healthy lifestyle  

In cooperation with Johnson & Johnson’s Human Performance Institute’s Corporate Athlete program, we are excited to offer this dynamic to the OSU community.  The workshop is offered in 1-day and 2-day workshop formats.  All of the content is focused on helping you explore your values and how they relate to your self-care, relationships and career.  We also cover nutrition and exercise recommendations that provide a foundation for energy management. 

We work very hard to “practice what we preach.” The workshops serve healthy food and snacks, provide frequent breaks and time for you to reflect and connect with how you can be more engaged with your health. 

Please join us for this “retreat with yourself”! 



Since 2011, over 1,700 Buckeyes have attended these workshops.  See what they have to say:

  • “For an all-day event - this flew by! Very engaging!”
  • “Life is complex. The way this class is set up breaks it down and makes ways of thinking and what to do seem simpler.”
  • “So much self-reflection really allowed me to get to the root of my issues. I am leaving feeling refreshed and optimistic!”
  • “Enjoyed the workshop more than I expected to! It had a very personal feel to it- felt very applicable to me and my situation.”



We cover three main subjects during the Health Athlete workshops. Here is a listing of topics for each:

Energy Management focuses on the nature of human energy, the importance of energy oscillation and best practices to increase and maintain higher energy levels. Topics include:

  • Four dimensions of energy
  • Full engagement
  • Ultimate mission
  • Strategic recovery
  • Facing the truth
  • Story telling and Private Voice
  • Change process
  • Rewriting your story
  • The power of rituals

Nutrition for Energy Management utilitzes the latest research for managing one’s nutrition plan, including:

  • How, what and when to eat
  • Need vs. want foods
  • Eating strategically
  • Supply vs. demand
  • Meals and snack strategies
  • Gauging your hunger

Movement for Energy Management explores how physical energy fuels the engagement process, including:

  • Energy’s effects on your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions
  • The effects of movement and non-movement on performance
  • Strategic movement and recovery
  • Zones of intensity
  • Types of movement: aerobic, resistance and flexibility
  • Interval training