Are you a Health Athlete or Nurse Athlete?

As nurses and healthcare professionals, you face demanding days with little time for even restroom or lunch breaks - and then head home to family responsibilities. What if engaging in frequent exercise, healthy meals, and brief respites during the day would make you more productive and even happier?  Renew yourself, your health, your relationships, and your career.

Program Overview

The Ohio State College of Nursing joined with Wellness & Prevention, Inc., a Johnson & Johnson Company, to launch the Nurse Athlete/Health Athlete Program.

The Health Athlete initiative, comprised of the Nurse Athlete and Health Athlete programs,  is designed for professionals from all health disciplines and highlights ways to refocus and reenergize one’s personal and professional life. The program is derived from "The Corporate Athlete" program developed by psychologists Dr. Jim Loehr and Dr. Jack Groppel during their work with elite Olympic athletes to improve performance.  

The program emphasizes energy management through a comprehensive examination of goals and values in relation to one’s spiritual (purpose), mental, emotional and physical development. The approach uses the power of one's story, what individuals tell themselves about who they are and the reasons why their circumstances are what they are, to affect behavior change. After assessment, participants learn about how to better manage their energy through simple techniques, exercise and nutrition management. We expect that individuals who attend the "Health Athlete"workshop will increase their beliefs and confidence in their ability to engage in healthy lifestyle behaviors that will, in turn, improve their health outcomes.